Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Front end 95% done!

I got the front end 95% done.  Fork lowers professionally painted (Florida Custom Paint). Fork gaiters installed. Front turns updated. Wiring tidied up a bit. I still have to cut the fork upper covers and paint them. (My saw broke and I'm waiting for parts, but no sense leaving the bobber apart.) Plus I dyed the seat dark brown for the contrast.

This is a tilt-shift photo of the bobber. Looks like a toy. :)

I fashioned some brackets for the front turns from aluminum angle stock. The turns are the same brand as the rear, Eagle Eye, but in amber.  Here are some details of the mounting.

Here's the dyed seat. More brown in bright light, darker in shadows. Nice contrast.

Here's the entire side view.

Left to do besides the fork upper covers includes doing something with the air cleaner. I have some ideas that I will explore. Plus I will install some baffles into the drag pipes. The tuning is off now that I cut them short (and cut the old baffles out).

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