Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Front end 95% done!

I got the front end 95% done.  Fork lowers professionally painted (Florida Custom Paint). Fork gaiters installed. Front turns updated. Wiring tidied up a bit. I still have to cut the fork upper covers and paint them. (My saw broke and I'm waiting for parts, but no sense leaving the bobber apart.) Plus I dyed the seat dark brown for the contrast.

This is a tilt-shift photo of the bobber. Looks like a toy. :)

I fashioned some brackets for the front turns from aluminum angle stock. The turns are the same brand as the rear, Eagle Eye, but in amber.  Here are some details of the mounting.

Here's the dyed seat. More brown in bright light, darker in shadows. Nice contrast.

Here's the entire side view.

Left to do besides the fork upper covers includes doing something with the air cleaner. I have some ideas that I will explore. Plus I will install some baffles into the drag pipes. The tuning is off now that I cut them short (and cut the old baffles out).

Saturday, September 10, 2016

License Plate: update

Ran to ACE Hardware today and bought some stainless steel nuts and bolts to replace the plate illumination reflectors and the wingnuts on the plate mount. Much cleaner look front and back.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Licence Plate Relo -- part 2

Today I completed the plate relocation by mounting the LED plate illumination unit I had purchased originally for the behind seat mount that I abandoned.

Here's the completed project. Right is daylight and left is nighttime. Not perfect but adequate.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Licence Plate Relo -- part 1

I completed the mechanical portion of the licence plate relocation. I moved the plate from the left rear axle to the left mid-frame location using some existing threaded lugs on the frame. Completed project in first picture.

These two hole were intended for some cover or other. I don't remember exactly what went there, but they are a nice M8 x 1.25 threaded hole. I had a couple of bolts of this size left over from dismantling the bobber and its chrome bits. I only had to cut them off to 15mm in length so they wouldn't stick out the back too far in the belt area.

I reused the old axle mount cutting off the large loop and drilling a couple of holes. The holes are offset to allow the plate to angle "up" a bit instead of being exactly perpendicular. Shiny rattle-can black tidied up the cuts and drilling

I reused the old $15 plate bracket that was discarded after I abandoned the seat location mount. I cut and hammered it so it bends over the plate providing a nice mount point for the license plate illumination unit I had bought for the seat mount point. Again, rattle can paint is used here.

See how it mounts around the plate?

In the next post I'll show how the light mounts via double face tape to the little tab that extends over the plate from from the back side.

This is about how it will look except for the missing red reflectors to mount to the bracket.

Bracket paint dried and now mounted up. You can see the plate mount and illumination mount both bolted up from the back side. I'm less than thrilled by the thumb-wingnuts used to mount the reflectors. I'll most likely replace these with stop nuts and cut off the excess length.

And a close up from the rear of the bike. The reflectors are pretty obnoxious. Again, I may replace the illumination reflectors with just bolts and nuts and keep the two on the plate mount side. Need some reflection from the rear for safety.