Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Miscellaneous parts to be painted and powder coated

I took the tank and fender over to be painted at Florida Custom Painting. yesterday. We settled on a variation of Battleship Grey which is what a final coat color is called that looks like a Primer Grey. The significance of which is that in the olden days of car rebuilding, auto bodies in flux were always coated in primer grey to prevent rust of the raw steel, but the final product was still a ways away. It meant things were coming together, but still in transition. That's how I envision this bobber project. Coming together, but not complete, so that's how I picked this color. I envision changes ongoing.

Here's the tank and fender on it's way to the painters. I do have a surprise when it comes back that I will save until then.

Today I took the various chrome bits to Brothers Powder Coating to have these metal bits coated black. What is shown here is the tank dash, secondary belt cover, gas cap and key cap, mirror arm, kick stand, handle bar clamps, and the insert that goes into the secondary belt cover.

I still have a few more parts that I will spray paint black that I couldn't have powder coated since they are baked in an oven over 400F degrees. These include the air cleaner cover (epoxied into the air cleaner itself), the upper triple clamp (containing the rubber handle bar mounts), and the lower fork legs (containing suspension fiddly bits: oil, seals, springs...).  I'll post on these individual as I get to them.


Sunday, April 24, 2016

Peak fender achieved!

Well, I'm going through antibody/chemo therapy for my follicular lymphoma. I just had my 4th out of 6th monthly treatments and was feeling pretty good (relatively speaking) so completed my rear fender and bracket cutting. (It will be one year since I wrote about buying the fender on May 8, 2015! A lot of nothing can happen in a year's time.)

The brackets were tacked on while the fender was positioned in place and I had a friend complete the welding using MIG. Came out nice. Here's the fender in place and a close up of the top bracket.

Next up is painting of the tank and fender and powder coating of various chrome bits. I will also be rattle can spraying a few parts myself.