Saturday, May 7, 2016

More Than Meets The Eye!

Tank and fender are back in the most beautiful shade of  "primer grey" or as it's known in final paint: Battleship Grey! Painter did excellent job. Even cleaned up and smoothed out the fender welds. Primo job!

Look at the seam. It's filled and smooth. Better than factory!

And the surprise! I bought a couple of Transformers Autobot vinyl decals. These the painter was able to apply under the clear coat.

The motto of Transformers is: MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE.

I have some more final hand painting to do before it all goes back together.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Fast and furious, Part 2

I got the power coating back today and they parts turned out nicely.



The camera augmented the F-stop and made the black look mottled. It is not.

I pick up the tank and fender on Friday. Then I will reveal the surprise!

Fast and furious, Part 1

A couple of quick posts as parts come together. First off, I painted the stop triple clamp. I would have had it powder coated, but there are rubber vibration isolators for the handlebars which I can't press out and the powder coater won't run their process with any rubber in the part as the 400F oven would destroy them.

These clamps are aluminum so I had to use a special spray primer before the black top coat. Both of these products were applied via rattle-can!



I'm please the way it turned out.

I'm going to paint the lower fork legs the same way, but it's been raining here past few days.