Thursday, March 5, 2015

Off with their heads, off with their heads, er, seat

Just an aside, I picked up a 2009 Kawasaki Ninja 250R from a friend who was returning to his native country in short order and needed a quick sale. This created an opportunity for me to tear the bobber down and leave it down for couple of days. This helped immensely in this stage of the project. I no longer have to abide by one of the project goals of one down day at a time.  Anyway....

I installed the Fab Kevin seat hinge. This is one fine piece of engineering and fabrication. I swear he even made the hinge bolts himself. It's just a thing of beauty. First steps was to cut off the horns of the existing seat and fender mount.

I had to make multiple cuts to be able to get down to the platform and level it out.

Once cut, I then painted the new edges black.

I relocated the DynaJet Rev Master from below the seat to on top of the backbone in the front of the gas tank and tidied up the area that will be exposed.

Next steps, measure for seat.  Thinking wider than narrow, like 16" wide by 15" or so long.  I want to find a more tractor like seat with a bigger rear that bends up and keeps the rider in the seat.  Seat springs should be in the 4-5" range, again will be measured. And I'll have to install some kind of seat spring posts to keep everything in place.

What do you think?