Sunday, November 20, 2016

I'm baffled!

Did this work a couple of weeks back. It happened so quickly I didn't document it with pics except for the final product. These are aftermarket baffles and cost only $39 for the pair.

Baffles not only tune the sound a bit from that with the open drag pipes, they also improve the mid-range power a bit. I noticed after I cut the pipes, the "tuning" was off in low-mid throttle. These baffles put everything back spot on.

Story behind the baffles.

Back when the pipes were stock length.

I was concerned about the loudness of the pipes. I had intended to add baffles to the pipes. But when I cut them off:

I found that these pipes did indeed have the exhaust manufacturer's own brand of baffles and I had cut right through them. They weren't very effective and cost $49 for each baffle.

So I found these on Amazon:

8" Exhaust Baffles for 2-1/4" Drag Pipes Harley Exhaust

They fit almost, but not quite perfectly.  I cut the end without the nut (right hand end, top picture) making 8 cuts from the end to the bend and bent the tabs I had created open like a flower, just ever so much. This created a tight fit when inserted into the pipes, and of course, the other end was mounted with bolt.

I am happy with the result.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Some finishing details...

Just some finishing details.

I was sick of the single mirror on the left, missing a RH mirror, I found this mirror pair on eBay for not a lot of money. They are Chinese, shipped from Hong Kong, but are excellent quality being all metal.  I'm pleased with the fit and finish.

Further, I was running out of ideas for the air filter. It fits fine, but the embossed K&N is upside down (no, it can't be rotated as the carb mount is off-center the back of the filter and that's how it must fit to clear the tank). I had several ideas, but none that would provide a satisfactory finish.

I found this cool "truck sized" Autobot chrome finish medallion on eBay. It fit perfectly.

It carries the Transformer theme into the engine.