Thursday, December 17, 2015

Few loose ends

Ya, I'm back. I finally finished the wiring after a long hot summer. Took about 3 hours to complete and you'd think I could find at least that somewhere in the long, hot FL summers, but alas, no.

I completed a few loose ends while I procrastinate the rear fender completion. (I do have all the materials I need except for a few screws, but I'm just starting a possibly long medical scenario for myself, but that's not important now).

First thing I did after the wiring was to swap out the T-handlebars. I purchased an original set of Road Star bars and I already had the mounts from spare parts that came with the bike. This really helps the bobber look:

The ride is a bit more comfortable also.

Next I needed to eliminate the huge Kuryakyn Hypercharger air cleaner setup. And I can't stress the "hyper" part enough as in "Don't believe the hype!". I found a generic K&N air cleaner that nestles nicely under the tank between the cylinders that mounts directly to the carb. This is the second nicest mod after eliminating the fuel pump.

This first picture is the trial fitting of the K&N with the Kuryakyn just hanging below.

This is the final installation. The entire area is cleaned up and nothing bulges out from under the tank. I was constantly bumping my knee into the Hypercharger.

The only downside is the K&N embossed into the chrome cover of the K&N is upside down. That's the only way to fit it since the "hole" is offset on the back side. Got some ideas on how to best handle this, but I'll deal with this on the  repainting/powder coating phase.

What do you think?