Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Bobber Project Part Deux

Long winter quarter, end of the year lack of funds, but all now resolved with the new (tax) year, so am now planning on moving on to the end of the bobber project. This post represents the end game plan. First, recent picture.

I pulled the pillion pad and the sissy bar to get a look at the rear fender. As I expected, it's got to go. This will replaced by a swing arm mounted close fit fender. I will have to fashion mounting brackets and such, but first things first.

This project was started with the intention of never tearing the bike down completely for more than a day or two. I want/need two-wheeled transportation so I have to plan the end game carefully.  So here is the plan going forward.
  1. New rear facing lighting and license plate relocation. The plan here is to use just two red bullet signals wired as running lights and stop/turn lights similar to my custom tail/stop/turn. My electrical mod that makes the rear turns into stop lights will work just fine with just two rear red turns. I already ordered the exact same bullet shaped turns. I will retain the custom tail/stop/turn for future project. I am still exploring plate relocation. I'm thinking something like a rear axle mount. I already have lighted mounting screws. 
  2. Once the rear lights/plate are relocated, pull the rear fender off completely and run sans fender for the time being.
  3. Next will replace the seat with a true bobber style pan seat. I will cut off the existing fender mount rabbit ears thus presenting true bobber line.
  4. After the seat, then new bars need to be installed correct for the seating position. Current bars are too high and too far back. With higher bobber style seat, this problem will be exacerbated. 
  5. I will purchase an appropriately sized rear fender and build mounting brackets for the fender and likely some fender struts. This will take some fabrication and welding. I will outsource the welding. I'll primer the fender for the interim.
  6. Finally, when everything is done, will have the tank and fender painted. I'm contemplating removing the bulbous center covers (under the seat) and tidying up that area (wires and such). I want to have the chrome dash power coated black, also, along with perhaps the primary drive cover.
That's it. What do you think? This will take a few months which will keep me busy.

UPDATED: added step for bars after the new seat installed.